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50K Solutions

Congratulations to the whole Clojure community: 4Clojure just passed 50,000 solved problems and 1,800 user accounts! These are big numbers for a kata site which has spread only via word of mouth. All of the devs are really looking forward to 4Clojure getting even bigger - scalability issues are a great problem to have!

Again, a big thanks goes out to all of our users. If you want to make 4Clojure even better, we’re always looking for help! Submit a problem (you need to solve 50 problems first), follow or patch the site via github, or simply come hang out with us on #4clojure.

4Clojure Team

A New Blog

Trying out Octopress for a brand-new 4clojure blog. What new features are we cooking up? What are we having trouble with? Anything that doesn’t fit in a tweet will go here, so stay tuned!